Our Fees

It is difficult to put a price on high quality dental care. We take pride in our work and do not cut corners. We believe in predictable and successful results, to that end, we use ONLY the most highly rated and researched products on the market.

We keep our prices clear, fair and competitive.

Dental Fees
0% Finance

Experience accessible and budget-friendly 0% financing through Tabeo. Begin your treatment without the need for an initial deposit and distribute the cost over 10, 12, or 24 months. Choose a payment plan tailored to your needs and begin your treatment, for a more confident and healthy smile. Subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

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Dental Examinations – FromFrom
New Patient extended routine examination and complimentary routine scaling and polishing£89
Routine examination complimentary routine scaling and polishing£79
New Patient extended routine examination and complimentary routine scaling and polishing with Principal Dentist£95
Routine examination complimentary routine scaling and polishing with Principal Dentist£85
Digital X-Ray£13.50
2 Bitewings£15.50
Gum Health (when provided without Examination)From
Routine Scaling and Polishing – Registered patient£69
Direct access Hygiene – Patients not registered at the practice£75
Hygienist Visit 30 Mins£69
Hygienist Visit 45 Mins£95
Hygienist Visit 60 Mins£120
Hygienist with Airflow (Additional to above visit)£39
Treatment of more serious gum disease per visitCase Dependant
Emergency assessment & examination£75
Oral SurgeryFrom
Routine extraction of teeth£135
More complex surgical extraction£280
Restorations (Fillings)From *
Silver Amalgam (Metal) Small£89
Silver Amalgam (Metal) Medium£105
Silver Amalgam (Metal) Large£145
Composite Resin (White) Small£195
Composite Resin (White) Medium£210
Composite Resin (White) Large£250
Smile DesignFrom *
Smile with confidence. With expertise we will listen to your desires and help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.£95
Orthodontic TreatmentFrom
Invisalign: The Clear altemative to Braces. Dr. Rouba Sbano is an “Invisalign Gold Provider”£2,500
Aesthetic & Restorative TreatmentFrom *
Porcelain bonded crown£685
All porcelain crown (best aesthetics)£705
Yellow gold crown£695
Provision of post & core (where required to retain crown)£250
Cores with no posts (as per white fillings)POA
Porcelain Veneers (to enhance tooth aesthetics)£705
Composite Veneers (to enhance tooth aesthetics)£250
Temporary crown£59
Tooth WhiteningFrom
Custom Fabricated Whitening Trays£55
Home Bleaching (using custom fabricated trays)£330
Zoom Whitening (1hr express in surgery light assisted)£650
Removable DentureFrom *
Acrylic (per arch)£590
Chrome Cobalt (Metal Base)£950
Implants (fixed tooth replacement)From
Implant Assesment£135
Single tooth implant£1450
Implant retained crown (including abutment)£1150
Root Canal TreatmentFrom
Incisor root canal£390
Multiple root canal (per canal)£650
Private Care for ChildrenFrom
Examination and Oral Health Advice for parents
0-2 years£13.50
2-6 years£39
6+ years£49
Fissure sealants per tooth£19
Restorations children£59

Independent Fees

In support of the community, who are struggling to find an NHS Dentist, we offer a limited number of spaces to mirror the NHS services as closely as possible within our independent practice scheme. Registration is subject to availability. Please call to enquire.

We will routinely request a deposit prior to scheduling an appointment for all patients, please rest assured this is a deposit towards your appointment cost and will be deducted from the final amount on the day of your appointment, a deposit is held to ensure the appointment is attended and if a cancellation or rearrangement is to be made, that adequate notice is provided to the practice as per cancellation policy.

If you do wish to rearrange or cancel and adequate notice is provided your deposit will be returned to you in full.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment we ask to please inform us at least 2 working days (not including Weekends /  Bank holidays) prior to your appointment (unless otherwise stated), in line with our cancellation policy, or a fee may be incurred.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment you must inform the practice within working hours (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm), either via telephone (0208 675 7210) or email ([email protected]), 2 full working days prior to your scheduled appointment (unless otherwise stated), (eg. 10am on Thursday prior if your appointment is on the following Monday at 10am).

A minimum fee of £20 will apply to examinations, consultations or hygiene appointments. For appointments of 45 mins in length a minimum fee of £50 will apply.

If your appointment is with a specialist upon referral a minimum fee of £65 will apply.

Appointments for treatment for increments of 1 hour or more will be subject to a minimum fee of £75 per hour for the total length of the appointment.

These minimum fees are applied to ensure that clinical time is reserved for our most valued patients and patients who are in need of an emergency appointment, to cover clinical time and / or treatment provision costs, the minimum fee will apply in each instance and may incur a fee of up to 40% of proposed treatment cost in certain circumstances.

If an appointment is not attended without adequate notice this cancellation fee must be cleared and a deposit taken prior to re-booking your appointment with us.

Please rest assured many of our valued patients do kindly provide us adequate notice in accordance with the above terms and no fee will apply as long as adequate notice of cancellation or rearrangement is provided to the practice.


Our highly trained clinicians are committed to offering you clinical excellence. Regular hygiene and check up visits at intervals recommended by your dentist are part of your guarantee and part of Balham Dental Studio’s terms and conditions, which are attached to this estimate. We kindly ask you to read them carefully.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Estimates are valid for 3 calendar months from the date of the treatment plan and estimate. Estimates are not definitive quotes. Due to the complexity of some courses of treatment, treatment plans may need to be varied with associated changes in cost, you will always be informed of this in advance.
  2. Appointments not kept or cancelled without full notice are chargeable at our discretion and can be up to 40% of the treatment cost
  3. Appointments from Tuesday – Friday at least 2 working days (not including weekends / bank holidays) as per cancellation policy.
  4. Appointments on Mondays at least 3 working days (not including weekends / bank holidays) as per cancellation policy.
  5. Appointments following bank holidays at least 3 working days (not including weekends / bank holidays) as per cancellation policy.
  6. Part-payment is requested in advance to secure an appointment. 70% of all lab–based work must be paid in advance of the final dental visit. Settlement of remaining fees prior to or at the final visit.
  7. As dental disease can be progressive, often with increased therapy complexity, delay in seeking care may result in additional fees.
  8. Agreeing verbally, booking a treatment appointment and / or completing and signing the enclosed Treatment Plan and Estimate Summary to commence the treatment outlined in the accompanying treatment plan implies that you have read, understood, accept and agree to the above terms and conditions as they apply to your course of treatment. We look forward to caring for you.