White Spot Dental Treatment!

At Balham Dental Studio, we’re proud to offer ICON, a revolutionary, single-visit, no drilling, injection-free treatment to remove white spots and improve the aesthetics of your smile all in one appointment.

What are white spots and what causes them?

White spots are areas of enamel (the outer layer of the tooth) that have a different mineral structure. As light hits these areas, it reacts differently to normal enamel and causes a whiter appearance.

White spots are very common and have lots of causes including:

  • Fluorosis (excess fluoride consumption up to the age of 8)
  • Decalcification (loss of mineral) of the enamel, which can be caused by plaque-accumulation around metal brace brackets or with poor brushing technique
  • Developmental conditions such as molar incisor hypomineralisation, enamel hypoplasia and amelogensis imperfecta
  • Trauma

How does ICON work?

ICON is an unfilled resin (a liquid version of white filling material) that fills areas of enamel with different mineral structure to mask white spots instantly.

A special gel is applied to the enamel to open the pores to allow the resin in and it is set immediately with a light at the end.

White Spot

Does tooth whitening help?

White spots can be confused with areas of staining and people often feel whitening may work to mask them. Unfortunately, tooth whitening has little effect on white spots and can actually make them stand out more.

If you wish to whiten your teeth, we recommend two-weeks at-home whitening prior to ICON treatment.

Is ICON safe?

ICON is a very safe and effective treatment, it is even used to stop early decay in back teeth! There is no drilling or anaesthetic required and results are the same day.

Am I suitable for ICON treatment?

At Balham Dental Studio, we welcome you with open arms and if you’d like to chat about ICON white spot removal please book a consultation with one of our clinicians.

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Icon is an acrylic fluid which is absorbed by the porous enamel, filling the tiny defects and once this is cured with a light, the defects blend and become more subtle. By changing the light refractions of the white spot, ICON makes the lesion look just like sound enamel.

White spots on the teeth are surprisingly common.

Here are a few causes:

  • Oral Hygiene: build-up of plaque can cause tooth spots.
  • Braces: Fixed metal braces can cause tooth spots.
  • Fluorosis: while fluoride can help guard against tooth decay, too much can actually damage the tooth surface as well as cause discolouration.
  • Hypoplasia: Defects of the enamel can cause spots

Some patients also consider veneers or composite bonding, which can conceal the white spots and has the advantage of helping to shape the entire tooth. Tooth whitening, may bring up the shade of the surrounding tooth which make white spots appear less obvious.

No preparation of the tooth is required – so not only does this mean no drilling or injections are necessary, but also no part of the tooth is removed.