With Invisalign, achieving the smile you have always wanted is a lot simpler than you think. Comfortable, clear and removable – Invisalign transforms your smile with barely any impact on your day-to-day life.

At Balham Dental Studio, we won’t only focus on your aesthetics but all treatment plans are tailored to achieve optimum functional and tooth benefit. You’re in good hands!

Having offered Invisalign since 2005, our awarded Platinum provider, Dr Rouba Sbano will be able to advise on individual treatment needs, following an initial consultation.

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Invisalign Platinum Provider

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Platinum Invisalign Provider

“In a word, AMAZED, I’m so happy with the invisalign results”

“I shopped around, but from the start of the invisalign consultation, I realised I was in good hands. I felt my treatment was very tailored to my needs. I love my smile, and I no longer have headaches- I didn’t even know that was linked to my teeth! Thank you team!”

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Dmitri NorteyDmitri Nortey
14:39 28 Mar 24
Dush PatelDush Patel
14:22 22 Mar 24
Excellent experience here as a new patient. Purchased the clinically vulnerable service & the dentist & hygienist wore well fitting FFP3 respirators along with a positive pressure ventilated room. Really appreciate having this available to us.Dentist explained everything & happy with the clean.
Geoff HayGeoff Hay
13:44 05 Feb 24
An absolutely excellent service experience on Saturday, really helpful,supportive, instructive and caring. I am a relatively new customer and was blown away. Thankyou.
16:00 09 Jan 24
Just had a check up and clean with Dr Rouba Sbano. She was fantastic. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommended.
Adrian LoughreyAdrian Loughrey
15:03 07 Jan 24
Excellent, they were able to fit me in when I needed an emergency appointment. Excellent consultative service as well.
Jamie PriceJamie Price
06:54 18 Dec 23
I had a crown fitted and a couple of fillings completed over a month ago now by Dr Lucy Whitworth. Her, her dental nurse (apologies i will remember your name after the next checkup (memory like a gold fish when it comes to names)) and the whole team were always professional, friendly and helpful, putting me at ease from start to finish, and provided me with great pain free dental care.
Sam BaskindSam Baskind
15:51 07 Nov 23
I had a molar filling with Dr Brandon Tiller. His attention to detail was fantastic. There was no pain following the procedure and the filling itself is completely unnoticeable! He took the time to do several x-rays to ensure everything was perfect. He is caring and compassionate and I would recommend highly him to anyone who needs dental work!!
Chris MercerChris Mercer
14:23 17 Oct 23
Rouba has been looking after my teeth for many, many years. She always makes you feel very comfortable and at ease during treatment. I could almost call it a pleasurable experience 🙂
Andrea AlgeriAndrea Algeri
11:27 12 Sep 23
I’m usually not an easy dentist patient as I have a strong gagging reflex but Dr Louisa Jarvie was able to accommodate all my requests, while still performing an excellent and professional work. The studio was also able to book my initial checkup the same day I contacted them (and not for any urgency!) and in a couple of days I had my most critical tooth decay fixed. Price was fair.I’m definitely pleased with my experience here and I would definitely recommend it.

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made for your teeth. As each aligner is changed, gradually week by week, the teeth will move to the final desired position.

In a word, no they can not. There has been a boom in recent years with patients seeking aligners directly from clubs and companies that proclaim they can straighten your teeth at home without the need to see a dentist. This is not only unwise, but it is also potentially dangerous. Dental realignment needs to be overseen by a trained professional who can take the mould themself (or the scans) and then help you with the wearing of the aligner. With at-home aligners, there are too many errors that can occur, such as improper mould taking, poorly fitting aligners and lack of instruction that can cause damage to your teeth in the long run. If you want to have your teeth straightened using any kind of brace or aligner, call our team for advice and consultation.

At Balham Dental Studio, we are happy to offer pay as you go payment options to all our Invisalign patients, helping you spread the cost of the treatment into affordable chunks. If you would like to know more about the financing options that we may be able to provide you with, please call our friendly reception team for more information.

Invisible aligners are very easy to care for and, as they do not require alterations or tightening, they can easily be fitted into your daily routine. We usually advise that you clean them twice a day by rinsing them under a cold tap. But, if you have stubborn debris or staining, you should use a toothbrush to remove it and not attempt to clean it off using hot water. This can cause the aligners to warp out of shape, after which you would need to order new ones, thus delaying the treatment time. When the aligners are not in your mouth, we recommend placing them in the containers provided and not putting them into your pockets or a bag, as this can inadvertently cause them to become damaged.

It is likely that the presence of an aligner in your mouth is going to affect your speech. But, it is probable that if you have had misaligned teeth for a while, that your speech patterns have already been altered by the position of your teeth. And, while it may seem strange, developing a different vocal pattern when wearing an aligner can be a good thing, as it means your teeth are shifting and your tongue is moving correctly. As a result, any speech impediments you had, such as a lisp, may reverse completely.

On average, invisible aligners straighten mild to moderate misalignments and the treatment time is generally shorter than fixed metal braces. The treatment time also relies heavily on you keeping your aligners in your mouth for around 22 hours per day or as directed by our team.