Dental Composite bonding is a minimally invasive, painless procedure to quickly get your teeth looking their best with instant results. Dental bonding, often does not require injections with  instant dazzling results!

Prices start at £190 per tooth depending on complexity and can be incorporated into more comprehensive plans such as Invisalign and tooth whitening.

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Mask cracks and chips on teeth

Smooth out uneven surfaces

Close small gaps between the teeth

Change the shape of teeth

Local anaesthetic is rarely needed

The procedure can often be complete during a single visit

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Dmitri NorteyDmitri Nortey
14:39 28 Mar 24
Dush PatelDush Patel
14:22 22 Mar 24
Excellent experience here as a new patient. Purchased the clinically vulnerable service & the dentist & hygienist wore well fitting FFP3 respirators along with a positive pressure ventilated room. Really appreciate having this available to us.Dentist explained everything & happy with the clean.
Geoff HayGeoff Hay
13:44 05 Feb 24
An absolutely excellent service experience on Saturday, really helpful,supportive, instructive and caring. I am a relatively new customer and was blown away. Thankyou.
16:00 09 Jan 24
Just had a check up and clean with Dr Rouba Sbano. She was fantastic. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommended.
Adrian LoughreyAdrian Loughrey
15:03 07 Jan 24
Excellent, they were able to fit me in when I needed an emergency appointment. Excellent consultative service as well.
Jamie PriceJamie Price
06:54 18 Dec 23
I had a crown fitted and a couple of fillings completed over a month ago now by Dr Lucy Whitworth. Her, her dental nurse (apologies i will remember your name after the next checkup (memory like a gold fish when it comes to names)) and the whole team were always professional, friendly and helpful, putting me at ease from start to finish, and provided me with great pain free dental care.
Sam BaskindSam Baskind
15:51 07 Nov 23
I had a molar filling with Dr Brandon Tiller. His attention to detail was fantastic. There was no pain following the procedure and the filling itself is completely unnoticeable! He took the time to do several x-rays to ensure everything was perfect. He is caring and compassionate and I would recommend highly him to anyone who needs dental work!!
Chris MercerChris Mercer
14:23 17 Oct 23
Rouba has been looking after my teeth for many, many years. She always makes you feel very comfortable and at ease during treatment. I could almost call it a pleasurable experience 🙂
Andrea AlgeriAndrea Algeri
11:27 12 Sep 23
I’m usually not an easy dentist patient as I have a strong gagging reflex but Dr Louisa Jarvie was able to accommodate all my requests, while still performing an excellent and professional work. The studio was also able to book my initial checkup the same day I contacted them (and not for any urgency!) and in a couple of days I had my most critical tooth decay fixed. Price was fair.I’m definitely pleased with my experience here and I would definitely recommend it.

Dental Bonding, also known as composite resin bonding, is a technique that adds resin material to your teeth to alter or supplement their shape.

Composite bonding is a very good option for closing small gaps between teeth. Either for a single gap or multiple small gaps between all the teeth, you can achieve amazing results with bonding. However, if the gap is too big, the dentist might consider a quick orthodontic treatment before going with the bonding, to avoid extremely big or disproportional teeth.

Composite bonding can help to improve the appearance of slightly crooked teeth. By adding some resin in strategic places, your dentist can hide or mask misaligned teeth, improving the appearance of your smile. However, please do keep in mind that it is only possible to correct minor position problems with composite bonding. When teeth are more severely misaligned, we would recommend an orthodontic treatment prior to bonding.

When it comes to caring for your bonded teeth, you should continue your regular oral routine and regular check-ups and cleans. In its nature your bonding is minimally invasive and inherently the material may be more prone to chipping or discolouration. You can extend its lifespan with a healthy lifestyle and proper oral care habits: grinding, nail biting, acids, sugar, lack of oral hygiene, will effect the longevity of bonded composites.

Potential downsides of bonding may include: • Material less stain-resistant than other solutions • Lifespan is often shorter than the alternatives